What are retainers?

Retainer is a removable device that holds and keeps your teeth in a specific position after orthodontic treatment. When the braces are removed, the teeth will try to return to the position they had before the treatment. Retainer will keep your teeth in their current position. Retainers are customized for each patient and are essential to ensuring that your smile in 20 years looks exactly like it was after we removed the braces.

How are they made?

Retainers are made based on a dental imprint of your current teeth position. Depending on the type of retainer, we can do it in a very short time, or in about a week.

What types of retainers are available?

There are several different types of retainers, each with a different function. Dr. Ana Parčina will explain to you various options before removing the braces and recommending you the best retainer that will meet your specific needs.

Transparent retainers

Transparent retainers are the most common and most sought-after type of retainer. They are made the same day you removed the braces. The plastic material is formed using the mold we previously made. This type of retainer is less visible and more cost-effective if it is to be replaced. Replacement retainers can also be made very quickly in our clinic, which ensures minimal movement of the teeth during while we make a new one.

How to maintain them

You will have to wear the retainer all the time after the end of your orthodontic treatment. They should be removed only when eating, drinking or doing sports. Dr. Ana parčina will regularly check the changes on your teeth and notify you after the first period of wearing the retainer is over. After that, you will have to wear the retainer only at night. You need to clean the retainer with warm (not hot) water and brush with toothpaste. During the day, keep the retainers in a sturdy housing, in a safe and dry place.

Replacement retainers

If you lose or break the retainer, contact us immediately. The longer you are without the retainer, the more likely your teeth will move. We will create new retainers that match your current condition, from new imprints. If you have additional questions regarding the retainers, please feel free to contact us.