During orthodontic therapy the upper and lower jaws can be uneven in their positions, much more than in traditional cases of misalignment. In such cases, based on clinical diagnosis and digital imaging, our orthodontic specialist may recommend wearing a headgear during a period of orthodontic treatment of your child.


What is a headgear?

Headgear is a general name for the type of external device that applies specific forces to affect the growth of the face and jaw. Orthodontists use them in special cases when the teeth must move to a position which is not possible to achieve with the use of braces. Since this device consists of wires that are positioned on the outside of the mouth, you or your child may feel that it looks a bit odd. However, orthodontists use it very often to achieve a specific goal and an excellent final result.


What is it used for?

The retraction headgear is intended to pull the upper jaw while the protruding headgear pushes the upper jaw forward, until both jaws are balanced. The choice of the process depends on the individual needs of the patient. Therapy with headgear is usually used when a child or a young adult is still growing, in order to utilize bone growth and position the jaws in the right place. This way the device can guide the teeth and bones of the jaw into a new position before the growth is completed.


How is it set up?

There are two common types used:

1 Facebow consists of a wire that is placed on the front of the face and using the intermaxillary rings is attached to the first permanent molars, or to the front teeth, depending on the indication.

2 Headgear is an device that has an outer arch which is worn around the neck, and on the inside of the mouth is attached to the first permanent molars.

The total duration of treatment will depend on how much the upper and lower jaws are misaligned and on the patient following the instructions.


Are there any special instructions for wearing a headgear?

The headgear has to be removed when you eat, sleep, or do sports. Routine control is very important as well as maintaining dental hygiene.

Regardless of the extra effort or discomfort of wearing the headgear, a healthy and beautiful smile after the treatment is worth the effort. For further questions please feel free to contact our professional staff.