First visit

Prvi pregled kod ortodonta

What to expect during your first visit?

The purpose of the first visit is to determine whether orthodontic treatment is necessary and, if so, where to start. It is a thorough clinical examination. Please make an orthopantomograph before your first visit, which will allow us to properly diagnose and determine the condition, the presence or absence of teeth, bone and periodont condition, etc. Dental imprints are taken for study models and, if necessary, the patient is sent for head x-ray or latero-lateral craniogram (LL). After the diagnosis is made, we will create a therapy plan. Also, we will photograph your teeth so that we can better track our treatment progress.

You will get an estimate of the cost of the treatment and we will inform you about the payment options.

We will go through the recommended devices, such as retainers, braces, or expander. At this stage, we will estimate required treatment time and frequency of the visits.

The first visit usually lasts for one to two hours.

What’s next?

If you decide to start the treatment, the next step is to set up your device. In some cases, we can do this during your first visit. Our staff will explain to you the importance of good oral hygiene. We will talk about how to care for the devices during the treatment and explain to you appropriate dental hygiene procedures.

Visits are usually required every 6 to 10 weeks in order to monitor the progress of the treatment and make necessary corrections.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to contact us.