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Dr. Ana Parčina, an orthodontic specialist, has justified the trust of her clients of all ages with her years of experience and exceptional results.

“A smile is a universal welcome.”

Max Eastman

“A smile is a universal welcome.”

Max Eastman

Our services

Fixed orthodontics

Fixed braces are the most commonly used method of correcting an irregular smile. They enable the greatest control and correction of even the most demanding dental problems.

Clear aligners

Removable invisible plastic braces offer great flexibility during everyday wear and are very popular.

Children’s orthodontics

In children’s orthodontics, we use different methods of jaw and teeth correction. If orthodontic correction is started on time, the therapy will be better and easier.

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News & Tips

What is important for the best results in orthodontic treatment? Read it right here.

  • Retainers


    Retainer is a removable device that holds and keeps your teeth in a specific position after orthodontic treatment. When the braces are removed, the teeth will try to return to the position they had before the treatment...

  • First examination at the orthodontist

    First examination at the orthodontist

    The goal of the first visit is to determine if orthodontic treatment is needed and, if so, where to start. A thorough clinical examination is performed. It is necessary to come to the first examination with an ORTHOPANTOMOGRAM, which allows us to correctly diagnose and determine the condition...